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Production Coordinator
Production/CG/Post production
Full-time Contract
The Production Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring that the Production team stay on schedule. The Production Coordinator works closely with the Production Management team to understand the needs of each show and keeps track of all activities
Work with the Production Manager and the Supervising Technical and Creative Team to ensure an efficient and fast flow of information across the departments
Follow up with artists to ensure they understand their assignments and report back to Manager & Technical Director
Maintain tracking documents and keep asset database up to date with all necessary information
Take accurate notes and follow through on action points
Responsible for the sending and receipt of materials to and from the client and from freelancers
Follow up with freelancers on delivery deadlines
Create Model-sheets and prepare visuals
The successful candidate will have:

1 years previous production experience
Experience in database work and maintaining tracking documents
A good understanding of schedules and deadlines
Be a clear and fast communicator of Production information
Be comfortable working to tight deadlines
Have experience in Microsoft Office, in particularly Excel and the Google suite of equivalent programs
A strong knowledge of FTP software
A good Knowledge of Photoshop and Acrobat
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