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Job Details: Previz & Layout Team Lead

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Previz & Layout Team Lead
Production/CG/Post production
Full-time Contract
The position of Previz & layout Department Lead requires someone with a strong understanding of a previz workflow within production and a strong technical knowledge of cameras and Layout.

This profile will also serve as a mentor for all Previz Artists within the Previz & layout Department.

Successful applicants should have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a fast-paced production.
Expected to contribute to the Brown Bag’s Previz and Layout Workflow and Technical Pipeline.
- Establish geography, functionality and Layout of location assets by building simple clean previz geometries and feeding these assets to Modelling
- Previz key animation sequences with an emphasis on camera, staging, timing and functionality of a sequence.
- Work closely with the Directors on sequence layout and location blocking.
- Create shipment notes to effectively direct the external studios on cameras and layout of episodes in production
- Deliver a weekly quota of assigned tasks as set by Production Management
- Provide regular progress updates to Production Manager and CG Supervisor on any technical/workflow bottlenecks within that project’s previz and layout schedule.
- Supervises the quality of the work delivered from the external studios and ensure the outsource partners have clear direction.
- Provide management, leadership and support for the in-house and external previz teams, both creatively and technically, to facilitate the completion of previz and layout assignments on schedule

Department Team management responsibilities

- Act as line Manager for a team of 4 to 8 team members. responsibilities include:
team member performance issues related to workflow and pipeline
- Weekly one to one’s with DRs
- Mentor and train other Previz Leads how to properly set up and organize Previz tasks for their shows
- Collaborate closely with VFX Supervisor and Pipeline Dept to help evolve the Previz and - Layout Workflow and Technical Pipeline including documentation
- Help to improve efficiency, which includes assisting upstream departments with how they must deliver assets into the Previz Department properly
- Help reinforce that all technical guidelines, workflows and rules are understood and are followed correctly
- Provide leadership and support for the Lead Previz Artists, both creatively and technically, and ensure they partner effectively with Production Management and they deliver their goals
- Hold bi-weekly meetings with previz department to ensure the team is working collaboratively
Person Specification/Requirements

- Must have at least 4 years’ experience working as a Previz/Layout Artist Lead (or similar position) in either broadcast or feature film work
- Clear communication and follow through on tasks
- Must have a decent working knowledge of Maya
- Must have an excellent understanding of visual storytelling for layout and composition.
- Must have an excellent working knowledge of animation principles, camera set-up and previz/proxy modelling in Maya.
- Must have a good sense of pacing and timing in Animation
- Must have decent problem-solving skills and attention to detail and quality.
- Task Driven, self-motivated, and proactive
- Experience in CG Previz pipeline development a big plus
- Ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a fast-paced production
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