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Matte Painter
Production/CG/Post production
Full-time Contract
The position of Matte Painter requires someone with knowledge of 3D software, with 3 years + experience in a similar role working on broadcast or film projects. Successful applicants will have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a fast paced production. They will have a well-developed 'eye' and excellent working knowledge of colour, art and design.
Key Areas of Responsibility:

• Work with the Art Director and TDs to deliver Matte Paintings for the Project
• Troubleshoot areas where Matte Paintings can be used more effectively.
• Create set extensions for existing 3D Locations
Person Specification

• Must have very strong painting skills with wide variety of experience in different styles
• Excellent working knowledge of Photoshop
• Good understanding of compositing Pipeline where Matte paintings and set extensions are employed (required)
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in a similar role
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent attention to detail
• Ability to work collaboratively in a fast paced production environment
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