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CG Producer
Production/CG/Post production
Full-time Contract

The CG (VFX) producer is responsible for managing areas of CG production relating to bidding, scheduling, resource planning, production management and the overall departmental budget. The CG Producer, in collaboration with other department heads, is also responsible for the completion of the CG animation work on schedule and budget, and to Brown Bag’s quality standards.

Reporting to: Director of CG
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Finance, Budget and Cost reporting

- Works with Director of CG and finance team to manage CG department budget
- Responsibility for internal cost reporting to finance dept. ensuring all relevant stakeholders are kept updated on progress.
- Work with Director of CG and show producers on the completion of project budgets and bidding
- Scenario planning for CG resourcing to estimate the impact of new productions/ changes in production schedules
- Ensure accurate production metrics and data is captured with established systems and is used for analysis to assess overall department performance
- Manage and track cost-efficiency of the department
- Achieve set annual revenue targets
financial forecasting for revenues for future CG projects with the finance department

CG Production

- Line Manager of the CG Production Managers ensuring their adherence and implementation of:
- Effective resource management of the CG crew
- Task scheduling and assignments
- Shotgun tracking workflows, capturing metrics, note taking and time logging
- Best practice for dailies, review sessions and team meetings
- Performance reviews and appraisals for DRs
- Direct point person for project producers relating to their schedule, resourcing and budgetary concerns and challenges as they relate to CG.
- Responsible for identifying and flagging breaches in agreed project assumptions and budget - work with Project producers/ Director of CG on rebids
- Works with HOD’s and recruitment team to crew the department
Skills required:

- Experienced at using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or google sheets
- Experience using a production management software (shotgun, F-Track, etc) would be an advantage.
- Experience managing a production or department budget and financial reporting relating to it.

Knowledge/experience required:

- 3+ years experience credited as a VFX or CG producer, or as a Producer working on an Animation or VFX production.
- Understanding of a CG computer animation and/or VFX production workflow
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