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Series Producer
Full-time Contract
Looking for a series producer for an animated semi-musical lightly serialized comedy for teens and 20-somethings, starring an enigmatic but charming 20-something, his new life in the Big City, and his unlikely journey to becoming a musical star.

In this role the Series Producer will facilitate the show’s creative vision across all stages of production, by communicating updates between series leadership, departments, supervising workflow, managing the budget & schedule and quality control for final audio, designs, animation and deliveries.
Work directly with creative team and senior leadership team to ensure creative goals are met by regularly communicating with all stakeholders, driving correspondence for materials distributed to the clients and senior leadership problem solving with the production team, facilitating network meetings including setting agendas and leading weekly production updates
Work collaboratively with the director and head writer to produce outstanding creative. Direct daily and weekly production priorities for internal teams by managing production goals/kickoffs/deadlines and troubleshooting calendar concerns
Supervise all deliverables
Participate in all phases of pre-production, production and post-production.
Participate in all major reviews including, but not limited to, scripts, designs, animatics, animation and post.
Foster a productive and positive team environment by bringing a strategic perspective to challenging situations, participating in hiring staff and planning meetings/events, considering details that promote team spirit, developing junior staff members, directing the agenda and creative for bi-monthly team updates, and overseeing the organization of assets and tracking of materials
Oversee budget and schedule
Participate in all additional activities normally expected of a senior Producer
7+ years of experience in the role
Strong working knowledge of the production pipelines (2D), and extensive knowledge of each phase of production (script through to post-production)
Excellent storytelling instincts. Excellent numeracy skills and fiscal literacy, to manage budgets and ensure proactive solutions are made
Organized and has excellent time management skills, able to efficiently balance multiple priorities
Knowledge and experience with WGC, WGA, ACTRA IPA and Canadian funding regulations
Knowledge and experience working with music, music videos & composers
Able to problem solve in stressful situations
Able to proactively work with and relationship build with internal teams, external teams, clients and broadcasters
Able to handle sensitive, confidential information appropriately with sound judgment and discretion
Well-developed communication skills with a focus on diplomacy, discretion and one on one relationships;
Excellent verbal and written communication
Professional and solution oriented
Experienced in dealing with different animation formats and working with tight deadlines.
Experienced in dealing with oversea partners is a plus.
Familiarity with Korean culture is a plus.
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