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Job Details: Previz&Layout Lead Artist

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Previz&Layout Lead Artist
Production/CG/Post production
Full-time Contract
Brown Bag Films, Dublin studio, is on the lookout for the experienced Previz&Layout Lead Artist.

In this role, you will interpret the 2D animatics and create 3D cinematic layout sequences. Also, translate the 2D Designs into simple and clean previsualization geometries to establish the scale, size, and functionality for the key story points. Problem-solve as appropriate, and coach and develop the work of other artists in the team.
Key Responsibilities:

*Creating simple, clean previz models that meet the story point requirements
*Producing previz key animation sequences with an emphasis on camera, staging, timing, and functionality of a sequence
*Collaborating with the directors to create sequence layout and location blocking
*Creating shipment notes to effectively direct the external studios on cameras and layout of episodes in production
*Reviewing camera work in blocking/layout passes delivered from the external studios and ensuring that the outsource partners have clear direction
*Providing regular progress updates to Production and Previz&Layout Department Supervisor (Team Lead) on any technical/workflow bottlenecks within that project’s previz and layout schedule
*Developing previz modeling workflows and techniques
*Approving and guiding previz models & layout in the department both in-house and for overseas studios
*Working with the Production Design team to develop the key environment and prop designs and layout for the project
*Assisting production in time bids and resourcing
*Creating and contributing to documents on workflows
*Supporting the department supervisor by giving reports on the team and project, implementing and rolling out updates
*Coaching and training of other team members
*Responsible for the previz standards on the team
Key Requirements:

*Proactive knowledge in improving the creation of previz assets that meet story and staging purposes, composition, pacing, and timing in Animation
*Experienced in coaching & mentoring artists. Must be comfortable with outsource management with an emphasis on clear communication and follow-through
*Able to advise, improve on, and troubleshoot on current tools and animation issues
*Able to improve on previz/proxy modeling
*Generalist knowledge of rigging, modeling, lighting, and FX
*Good editing techniques and software knowledge

Please include samples of your work (reels/ links with passwords, if password protected) with your application.

During COVID-19 restrictions, the successful candidate will first start remotely and then relocate to the Dublin office on a full-time basis when restrictions are removed.

Brown Bag Films is an equal opportunities employer that take diversity and inclusion seriously. As a company, we provide high-quality kids content, and we aim to have diverse characters so that all our audience feel represented. We also want the same for our own workforce, and Brown Bag Films is committed to looking for all kinds of talent to build a diverse workforce in which all social groups are represented.
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